Just The FAQ Jack!

The following is a continually evolving list of commonly asked questions asked of Beebs in comments and during LIVE video chats.

  1. What is Brandon’s cat’s name?: Zelda
  2. Where did he meet Gloria?: Working together in Alaska
  3. Where is he from?: Originally Ohio but also lived in Arkansas and Alaska before moving to California when he was 18
  4. What instruments does he play?:  Guitar and Piano/Keyboard
  5. What did he want to be when he was a kid?: Comedian
  6. Is it true, he lived in his car for a year?: Yes, Brandon lived in his car for a year after moving to L.A in order to save money to pay off some debts.
  7. Is it true he ate a tarantula?: Yes, and other insects, hot foods and foreign snacks-for the sake of comedy, not because they actually taste good!
  8. Who is Autumn?: Gloria’s daughter from a previous relationship and Brandon’s child of the heart.
  9. What address do I use to send you a gift?: Brandon Farris P.O. Box 7937 Citrus Heights, CA 95621 
  10. Do you sell Merch?: Yes, you can find the shop at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Imbrandonfarris
  11. Who is co-host Kelly?: A wedding portrait Brandon received in an opening by mistake and he adopted as his video co-host. The lady in the portrait was identified by fans and you can find the whole story on YouTube in a video from Suck it Todd productions. https://youtu.be/7-nRSGvCFnY